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Decision '09: General Election

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This November, two citywide offices are up for grabs, and several local incumbents are facing Republican challengers at the polls. To give voters a better idea of the men and women vying for their support, we asked each of the candidates to fill out a brief questionnaire explaining their positions and goals in 300 words [&hellip
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Decision '09: Republican Challengers

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Your mailbox may not be as full of campaign “literature” as it was prior to the primary election, but there are still a number of candidates looking to court voters ahead of the Nov. 3 general election. Though they all do not have the same amount of money to spend as Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the [&hellip
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Disenchanted Voters

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To the Editor: Unless you’ve been living in a cave all summer, between campaign mailings, newspaper ads, radio and television commercials, debates along with articles and editorials, everyone knew there was a primary election. With 3.2 million registered Democrats, only 10 percent, or 351,000, voted. Ninety percent, or 2,849,000, stayed home, making “None of the [&hellip
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