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The David Rakoff Canon: Works You Should Know by the “This American Life” Master

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

How does one do—notoriously pessimistic and humorously insightful essayist— David Rakoff’s work justice? How does one begin to fumble for the words to embody his literary range? Rakoff, who just passed away at the age of 47, wrote and spoke in a way that so remarkably reflected our uncertain collective reality—in his profundity, in his [&hellip
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Why Is Kosher Wine So Bad?

Written by Josh Perilo on . Posted in Dining Our Town, Dining West Side Spirit, Eat & Drink, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, The Penniless Epicure, West Side Spirit

Jewish wines that are delicious and complex do exist Passover has come and gone already this year, but if there’s one question that I get more than any other from my fellow Jews, it is this: “Why is kosher wine so bad?” It could almost be added as the fifth question in the Passover haggadah. [&hellip
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Kutsher’s Serves Modern Jewish Cuisine—No, Really

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Lifestyle, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

Dining Crispy Potato Latkes_1 To talk to Zach Kutsher is to become convinced that opening a Catskills-resort-themed restaurant in Tribeca, modernizing American Jewish cooking, one of the world’s most maligned cuisines, was the most reasonable thing in the world to do. But step back and look at those elements individually—the Catskills? Didn’t they shut down the year after people [&hellip
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Expert advice on finding the right camp for your child

Written by admin on . Posted in Family

By Charlotte Eichna 1. Involve Your Child—to a Degree “Obviously, you maybe don’t let the child pick the exact camp, because they may pick it from the pretty picture in the brochure and not based on safety or some other issue,” said Jon Malinowski, Ph.D., camping author and expert. “But the worst thing a parent [&hellip
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Soho to Get a Bite of Midtown Turkish Delight

Written by admin on . Posted in Eat & Drink

Popular eastern Mediterranean restaurant to open branch in November By Megan McGibney It is said the world’s three greatest cuisines are French, Chinese and Turkish. While Downtown has plenty of the first two, it could use more of the latter. Luckily, Soho is set to get a Turkish eatery of its very own Nov. 15, [&hellip
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