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Zero for Conduct

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts & Film, Film

zero_dark_chastain-300x168 High Information/Low Interpretation in Bigelow’s yellow journalism comic strip Zero Dark Thirty opens during the second age of yellow journalism which is the same as in the 1890s when the press shamelessly sought readership through sensation, innuendo and jingoism (its news pages were indistinguishable from the lurid, tinted pages of comic strips). This comic-strip account of [&hellip
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A Woman’s Worth: Jessica Chastain Gives This Heiress Her Due

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Arts & Film, Theater

The Heiress Never before has the musical clippity-clop of horse hooves sounded as petulant or mocking as they do in Moisés Kaufman’s newly opened production of The Heiress, the second Broadway revival of Augustus and Ruth Goetz’s play. When Catherine Sloper (Jessica Chastain) hears those hoof beats galloping right on by the opulent townhouse in which she [&hellip
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Armond White: Weinstein’s “Lawless” Presents U.S. History as Torture Porn

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town, Arts West Side Spirit, Film, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain in Lawless. Via City Arts. Harvey Weinstein called for a summit meeting on movie violence soon after the Dark Knight Rises massacre. It hasn’t happened yet but Harvey’s word becomes cultural law. So, instead, The Weinstein Company this week releases John Hillcoat’s Lawless, the most promiscuously violent movie since The Dark Knight Rises. If you go to see Lawless, duck. About [&hellip
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Unnatural Disasters

Written by admin on . Posted in Arts & Film, Film

By Tom Hall Take Shelter looks at a man overtaken by real, and perceived, anxieties There is an ineffable fear lying just beneath the surface of the modern American experience, a sense that powerful forces beyond our control are conspiring to have a profound impact on our lives. A visit to any of the 24-hour [&hellip
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