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Crime Watch

Written by Joanna Fantozzi on . Posted in Crime Watch Our Town, Our Town

images HANDBAG THEFT AFTER DINNER A 29-year-old woman was having a late-night meal at a restaurant on Second Avenue on Jan. 21. She left her handbag on her chair to go pay the bill. When she came back, she noticed her $1,200 designer bag was missing, and after searching thoroughly, determined that it must have been [&hellip
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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Pick-Pockets

Written by Paul Bisceglio on . Posted in News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

The holidays are here, which for New York means bright lights, big sales, streets crowded with shoppers—and pickpockets. In recent years, the city has seen a Christmas-time spike in covert phone- and wallet-snatchers, who slip their hands into unsuspecting commuters’ bags and pockets on crowded buses, trains and streets. “It’s that time of year. This [&hellip
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