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Crime Watch

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Breaking News, Crime Watch West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

CrimeWatch Home Invasion Last Thursday night, a masked man pushed his way into an apartment on West 81st Street, brandishing what appeared to be a silver weapon to the startled male victim who answered the door. The suspect, who police said is known only as “Anthony,” told his male victim to shut up and get on the ground, then went into the living [&hellip
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TV on the Aereo: Turn On, Tune In, Drop the Lawsuit

Written by Carib Guerra on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive, Technology

So this website called Aereo got sued by every major broadcast network. Why? Because this website Aereo let’s you watch broadcast TV channels whenever you want. And unlike Hulu or Netflix, where it’ll be days/weeks/months before new episodes come out, Aereo is actually TV. Right there, whenever you like, right in your browser, or iPhone, [&hellip
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NeverWet Anti-Water Spray Gives Your iPhone Gills

Written by Carib Guerra on . Posted in Breaking News, Technology

neverwet Trebec: No way. That’s bullshit. That’s what I said the first time I saw this video. Enter NeverWet; a byproduct of the super-boring R&D over at Ross Nanotechnologies, a division of Ross Technologies–creators of Algrip Slip-Resistant Flooring Products, and Dexco Storage Rack Systems–inventing the future of, well…stuff. The company calls it a “super hydrophobic coating [&hellip
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Still Just a Kid: Stan Lee Partners with 1821 Comics to Create New Adventures

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By Sahar Vahidi Comic book giant Stan Lee’s Spider-man, the X-Men and the Hulk are just of his created fan favorites that have been around for generations. While riding high on his successful creations, Lee’s still at work and branched away from his mainstays with a new brand for 1821 Comics. During an exclusive interview, [&hellip
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Two Mug Pre-Teen

Written by admin on . Posted in Crime Watch West Side Spirit, News West Side Spirit

Robert Traverzo, 18, and Durven Dawes, 21, were arrested for allegedly mugging a 12-year-old Upper West Side boy. Traverzo and Dawes approached the pre-teen on the southeast corner of West 80th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. One of them demanded that the boy give up his $400 iPhone. When he refused, the mugger pulled out a [&hellip
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