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City Evicts Tourists From Illegal Hotel on UWS

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IMG_5540 Earlier today, city officials came to the Tempo building at 240 West 73rd Street to give tourists the boot. A reported 89 rooms in the building have been operated as a hotel for years, alongside permanent residents, but a state law passed last year made them illegal. Mary DeGendre, a former New Yorker who now [&hellip
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Gov. Signs Illegal Hotels Bill

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By Alice Robb A new law will protect New York City tenants and tourists from the dangers of illegal hotels. The bill, sponsored by State Senator Liz Krueger and Assembly Member Richard Gottfried, was signed into law July 23 by Governor David Paterson. For decades, landlords have exploited ambiguous wording in state and city laws [&hellip
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SRO’s Not Hotels

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To The Editor: SRO buildings were never designed to occupy the amount of people that these converted hotels (“Lawmakers Move To Close Hotel Loophole,” July 15) are now housing. If there was ever a fire in my building, “The Belleclaire Hotel,” I’m afraid that there would be many deaths. These landlords are multi-millionaires and full [&hellip
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Top Stories of 2009

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As 2009 draws to a close, we thought we’d paw through our archives to dig up some of the more interesting stories that we covered during the past 12 months. From swine flu to Lincoln Center renovations and unexpected Hudson River air activity, there was rarely a dull moment in Manhattan, especially on the West [&hellip
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Partial Vacate Order for Illegal Hotel

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Tourists who booked hotel rooms in an Upper West Side brownstone might have to check in at a more established hotel, following a partial vacate order issued by the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement. The building, 262 W. 73rd St., between Broadway and West End Avenue, has both rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments
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