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Canal Street Mission Continues to Serve

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Despite a setback from Hurricane Sandy, the historic shelter looks ahead to a new facility and a robust Thanksgiving By Sophia Rosenbaum The New York City Rescue Mission has a lot to be thankful for post-Sandy. “It’s a little bit of a hardship to be blocks away from the worst of it,” said Joe Little, [&hellip
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San Diego School Raises Thousands for Hurricane Relief

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ASSEMBLY MEMBER ROSENTHAL’S CALL FOR HELP INSPIRED WEST COAST SCHOOL When Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal sent out an e-mail to her constituents on the Upper West Side that explained how they could aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, she did not expect a response from San Diego. Rosenthal’s e-mail list, it turned out, was a bit dated. [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter: Macy’s Tickets for Hurricane Victims, Monet Theft, New Ferry Service

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dt_rikers_AA Macy’s Parade Tickets Will Go to Victims of Hurricane Sandy Last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Macy’s announced that 5,000 bleacher seats at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be reserved for those impacted by October’s Hurricane Sandy. The seats are located along the parade route. NYC officials who represent those hardest hit by the storm [&hellip
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In Recovery: How Sandy Reset Our Waterfront Dreams

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As the storm’s impact on ecological systems and infrastructure becomes clear, what steps should be taken to secure the city against future floods? In the days following late October’s hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other city and state officials described the immense damage to the city. They talked about the death toll, the lost [&hellip
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Sponsored Post: Help Bidawee Help Animals

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Bruno, one of Bidawee's dogs looking for a home Bideawee, an animal welfare organization that has been helping pets find homes for over a century in New York and Long Island, is struggling to recover from the damage of Hurricane Sandy. From Bidawee’s website: Despite all of the prior planning and precautions for Hurricane Sandy, we will be feeling the impact of this historical [&hellip
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Downtown Social: Gotham Storytellers Rock Out

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dt_social_gogogirls The first Gotham Storytelling Festival concluded Monday night after being postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Six days of music and storytelling at Under St. Marks, a venue at the Horse Trade Theater, brought together dozens of authors, comics, musicians and just regular folks to share in the art of the story. Our Town Downtown was [&hellip
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Toy Store Owner Devastated by Sandy, Embraced by Upper West Side

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Hurricane Sandy spared most of the Upper West Side, but it did not spare Donna Schofield. On Monday, Oct. 29, the Stationery Toy World owner was away from her West 72nd Street store and at home with her two children and father on Staten Island’s east shore. Floodwater was in her house, climbing toward her [&hellip
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Of Mice and Floods: Researchers at NYU Pull Together to Save Lab Animals

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4944-rollover Some New Yorkers lost their cars to Hurricane Sandy. Some lost their homes, and as of Monday, 43 had even lost their lives. Charles Hoeffer lost his mice. That may seem inconsequential, but consider this: Hoeffer is an assistant professor in the Department of Physiology and Neuroscience at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. He [&hellip
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Denzel Washington & New York Disasters

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11-2flight1_full_380 By Suzanne Meyers I’m adding my voice to those predicting Denzel Washington will win Best Actor in this year’s Oscar competition for his role as an alcoholic pilot in the new film Flight.  I’ll even the score with my ex-husband who, after leaving Training Day, days after the terror attacks in September 2001, correctly declared [&hellip
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