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Community Leader Was a Beacon in Dark Times

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Chris Kui helped bring emergency funds and hope to downtown after Hurricane Sandy struck By Emily Johnson On the third day after Hurricane Sandy, the staff of Asian Americans for Equality managed to gather themselves and return to their Division Street office—but like the rest of the Lower East Side, it was dark. Without electricity, [&hellip
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Walker’s Eatery Takes a Walk in Italian in Tribeca

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By Penny Grey The owners of Walker’s, Tribeca’s favorite neighborhood eatery at the corner of North Moore and Varick streets, are rolling out an Italian alternative to their American fare next door at the new pizzeria Girello (“Walker” in Italian, posing a potential confusion for the multilingual). “This is a real departure for us,” said [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter: 9.8.11

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LOWER EAST SIDE: EVACUATION SUCCESS STORY Aixa Torres, Alfred E. Smith Houses Tenant Association president, is a good person to have around in an emergency situation. In the days of preparation for Hurricane Irene, Torres successfully coordinated the evacuation of 90 percent of the Smith residents. The housing complex, located on the Lower East Side, [&hellip
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Calm After the Storm

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Like many businesses in Soho and environs, Balthazar Restaurant on Spring Street (bottom left) boarded up its windows on Saturday, Aug. 28 in preparation for Hurricane Irene. With most MTA service up and running by the morning of Monday, Aug. 29, Downtown Manhattan was more or less back to normal—with a few exceptions. Leaf debris [&hellip
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Hello, Irene! Hurricane Survival Tips

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Between the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, we’ve had it with people obsessively discussing the weather. Guess what? Hurricanes hardly happen up here, and for those of us who grew up in hurricane country, the ones we do get seem like really bad thunderstorms. For those of you who are insistently mangling the lyrics to “Come [&hellip
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