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Neighborhood Chatter: Hudson Park River Snacks, Manhattan Rental Market Report

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By Jessica Mastronardi New Park Snacks Come spring, Hudson River Park will be offering new food and drink options throughout the park. According to the recently released Request for Proposals, which will be open until March 15, the West Side park is looking for bids for seven new food carts and trucks to be located [&hellip
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State Fails to Invest in Solar Technology

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. As this year’s legislative session came to a close, the environmental community came up short on solar energy when the Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo failed to push through a bill to boost long-term solar energy investment in the state. “If there was one particular disappointment, it was in the area of solar energy,” Dan [&hellip
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Indulge in Summer, Sex & Spirits for a Cause

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Planned Parenthood of NYC Presents Summer, Sex & Spirits Planned Parenthood of New York City will host their eighth annual benefit Tuesday night By Rebecca Harris Young professionals and feminists from across the city are sure to come out to the West Side next Tuesday for an evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live music, circus acts and a few naughty surprises. Planned Parenthood of [&hellip
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Boat Basin Adrift: 79th Street dock residents worry over increased fees

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FW-79th Street Boat Basin(as) Despite what the real estate listings would have you believe, there are places on the Upper West Side where a person can live for less than $700 a month—provided you can handle a little seasickness. The West 79th Street Boat Basin is not only a marina for summer boaters and luxury yachts to dock; it’s [&hellip
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Notes From The Neighborhood

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parkingmeter Neighbors Try to Thwart Vendors with Parking Meters Last week, Community Board 7 narrowly voted down a resolution from their transportation committee that would have recommended a major change in parking regulations on a small strip of West 68th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. The measure came about as a way to keep food [&hellip
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Wing and a Prayer

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East Siders hold out hope as hero pilot Capt. Sully joins fight to stop 91st St. garbage station.   Opponents of the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station (MTS) planned by the city are joining forces with a seemingly unlikely ally, the Friends of LaGuardia Airport. What residents against a trash facility in their neighborhood [&hellip
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Notable New Yorkers Reveal Their Sacred City Spots

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By Emily Thomas “Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice in the classic children’s story by Lewis Carroll. The well-known phrase became an adage for 9-year-old Jeryl Brunner when she wandered into Central Park and discovered the sculpture of Alice atop a bronze mushroom reaching for the White Rabbit’s pocketwatch. “I remember looking at the statue and [&hellip
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Artificial Stars

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By Veronica Hogland Tuesday night, members of the art community gathered to see the Windmill Factory’s debut project “Reflecting the Stars,” created by Jon Morris. Attendees sipped cocktails and listened to speeches from members involved in the piece. The installation, which is located on Pier 49 off the Hudson River, will be  open to the [&hellip
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