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Block Association Leader Brings History Into the Present

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Richard Blodgett has spent decades getting to know the Charlton Street community By Rebecca Temerario Richard Blodgett didn’t expect to fall in love with New York. After graduating from Middlebury College in 1962, Blodgett relocated to New York City for a job with the Wall Street Journal. In 1968, Blodgett moved to his current address. [&hellip
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Woman Killed by Truck on Monday ID’ed as Downtown Artist

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Photo by edenpictures. Via Flickr Commons. By Paul Bisceglio – – *Update*: An NYPD spokesperson announced on Wednesday that Greg Smith was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to exercise due care. – – South Village resident Jessica Dworkin, 58, was killed on Monday morning when the rear of a tractor trailer hit her and dragged her two blocks under [&hellip
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Weird Womb and the Sad State of Punk

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I wasn’t sure what to expect walking over to Milano’s Bar on Houston and Lafayette to meet two of the band members from the new punk rock set, Weird Womb. Their music rings of the careless trash bashing rock of the early 80’s. The pearl of punk, when it was forming in New York City’s downtown [&hellip
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Sean Sweeney, Director of the SoHo Alliance

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Soho’s unrelenting development will continue unabated, as more retail stores move into formerly backwater areas that have relatively more affordable rents, namely lower and eastern Soho around Canal, Howard, Lafayette and Centre streets. However, residents will continue their fight to stop unbridled commercialization, particularly in opposing a proposal by mega real-estate developers to establish an [&hellip
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