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Tapped InTapped In

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NeighborhoodChatter Horse Accident Renews Calls for Carriage Ban Another accident with a carriage horse last week has reignited the citywide debate over whether the iconic horse-drawn carriages should be outlawed. The New York Times and other news outlets reported that around 4:30 p.m. last Thursday, a horse pulling a driver and two passengers got spooked in [&hellip
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Intrusive Bike Share To the Editor: Down in Community Board 2, the Department of Transportation (DOT) proposed a bike share station in Father Fagan Square, a half-acre park that commemorates four local heroes who died attempting to save others trapped in burning buildings. Responding to requests from the Community Board and local civic groups, as well [&hellip
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Go the Way of the Horse and Buggy

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FW-Horse Carriage2(as) A citywide ban on horse-drawn carriages is long overdue By Elizabeth Forel New York is one of the most congested cities in the world. It is no place for slow-moving horses pulling flimsy carriages mixed in with taxis, fire trucks, police cars and buses. In January 2006, a horrific accident occurred on 9th Avenue and [&hellip
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Letters: Too Rough For Horseplay

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We received such an overwhelming number of comments on our story “Too Rough For Horseplay,” about the push to ban the Central Park horses, that we have decided to dedicate a page to showcase some of the emails, letters and web comments we received. You can join the debate by emailing —The Editors Support [&hellip
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No Horsing Around this Time

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FW-Horse Carriage2(as)_1 Will the Central Park horses finally be outlawed? By Anam Baig and Sean Creamer Central Park’s horse-drawn carriages have been a traditional New York City tourist attraction since the 1930s, but animal rights activists have been pushing for years to close the stables, free the horses and find them a home outside the Big Apple. [&hellip
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