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Editorial: Where Are The Reasonable People?

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It happens at some point in many hot political debates: when things get particularly nasty, one side or the other will calm down, take a breath, and say that, of course, “reasonable people can disagree.” Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be a lot of reasonable people on the side of banning carriage horses in Central [&hellip
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Lesson: When Protesting Carriage Horses Try to Remain Calm

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73672_10151352554506919_175397186_n By Rebecca Cohen Mostly I push “Yes” on my keyboard all the time to support liberal progressive causes from the comfort of my swivel office-chair. My advocacy for human and animal rights has largely consisted of signing “Yes, I agree.” “Yes, I stand with you!” on such petitions. In the past two years, there have [&hellip
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Community Soapbox

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The best comments from Bike Disaster  I read the message from Executive Editor Allen Houston in your Bicycle Show issue (April 19). He is obviously very pleased that New York City will be inundated with more and more bike riders. Does he not care that we will have more and more thoughtless, selfish bikers [&hellip
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No Horsing Around this Time

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FW-Horse Carriage2(as)_1 Will the Central Park horses finally be outlawed? By Anam Baig and Sean Creamer Central Park’s horse-drawn carriages have been a traditional New York City tourist attraction since the 1930s, but animal rights activists have been pushing for years to close the stables, free the horses and find them a home outside the Big Apple. [&hellip
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