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The 2013 Winter Guide

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Illustration by Jensine Eckwell Once the holidays are over, it’s easy to view the winter season as a bleak, frigid time to curse the weather and your daily commute. But it’s not all gray slush and missing mittens! Winter in New York City is the time to explore, away from the throngs of summer tourists and ubiquitous street fairs. [&hellip
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Under-The-Radar Holiday Lights Around NYC

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lights We all know about the city’s holiday trees–but here are four lesser known spots for holiday lights that are totally worth visiting. By Meredith Greene One of the best parts of the holiday season is the glittering lights and snazzy decorations, and we all know about the city’s plethora of holiday trees. But here are four [&hellip
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Dewing Things Better: The Meaning of the Holidays

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images (1) “Sitting here in this charming Upper East Side restaurant, it’s as if nothing horrendous happened only a few miles away.” Words from a visiting former New Yorker remind me that more hurricane-unscathed New Yorkers need to get out and visit South Street Seaport and other areas battered and shuttered by the hurricane. Communities like Staten [&hellip
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Gifts with Heart

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The holidays are often equated with decorations, big meals and, perhaps most importantly, shopping. But while you are swiping that plastic or forking over cash for presents for family and loved ones, it can feel especially nice to mix purchasing with philanthropy. We suggest not only indulging in your consumer urges but helping out a [&hellip
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A Sweet & Healthy Holiday Treat

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Real benefits to eating dark chocolate—in moderation By Dr. Cynthia Paulis It’s that time of year again, when friends and family get together to celebrate the holidays and your diet gets ditched as you indulge in all of the wonderful and fattening treats of the season. But before you despair, there is actually one treat [&hellip
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Christmas Cocktails Are OK, But Remember the Sober Details

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By Lisa Elaine Held During the holidays, everyone drinks more. It’s just inevitable, with holiday parties at work, seasonal soirees with friends and multiple family occasions—almost every night is another opportunity to socialize and celebrate, cocktail in hand. The stress of the season doesn’t help, either. Long lines and crowded stores, your rapidly decreasing account [&hellip
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Meaningful Holiday Traditions

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To quote the greatly missed Fred Rogers, “We’ve got a lot to talk about.” Like the still-glowing-through-mid-January Park Avenue Memorial Trees, the city’s most meaningful holiday tradition. After sundown, you just must experience this reverently beautiful scene. Again, because so many still don’t know, these trees honor all who made (and are sadly still making) [&hellip
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