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What Community and Good Neighbors Are All About

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Not only in a dangerously hot summer I could just cry, and indeed I did, when the hearty little plant that had sprung up this past spring in the otherwise bare tree pit outside my window was suddenly gone, yanked up by workers who were exchanging bark shavings there for some sort of soil. “Where [&hellip
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City Shooting Spikes and Heat Waves: Is There a Connection?

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Two are dead and six were wounded in shootings in the Bronx and Queens this past Sunday. These primarily drug-related shootings follow a long streak of summer violence, including a 3-year-old being struck with a stray bullet. The weekend following the Fourth of July saw seven deaths and 21 injuries from shootings and stabbing violence, [&hellip
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Con Edison Locks Out 8,000 Workers: Can it Still Deal with the Heat Wave?

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by Laurent Berstecher Over 8,000 Con Edison workers were locked out on Sunday after talks with the Utility Workers Union of America broke down. A weekend of hard negotiations and the impending heat wave did not help both sides reach an agreement. Con Edison says it has dispatched 5,000 people, mostly managers and retired supervisors, [&hellip
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A Hothouse Survival Tale

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Sweating buckets when the AC goes out during a heat wave By Ben Krull I turned the knob and nothing happened. Don’t panic, I told myself, as sun poured through the blinds. It was a 90-degree Sunday earlier this summer and the window air-conditioner in my studio apartment was dead. First came denial: the four-year-old [&hellip
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