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Don't Take a Doc Holiday

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Many men shy away from booking that appointment, but they should receive better preventative health care By Rochana Rapkins Each year, some 9.2 million American men are afflicted with coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death for men in the United States. Heart attacks afflict about 5 percent of the male population annually, double [&hellip
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New York’s universities and medical institutions, many of which can be found on the West Side, could get a boost if biotech companies can be lured into the city and state with a new tax credit. Gov. David Paterson signed a bill allowing the city to establish a $3 million tax credit each year for [&hellip
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Step Up, Schumer

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To the Editor: Now that Senator Max Baucus’ quest for bipartisanship on a healthcare “reform” bill has churned out a mish-mash that neither Republicans nor Democrats support, is it possible for the committee to vote to replace him temporarily with a Democrat to shepherd this bill through? The Senate Parliamentarian says, gee, what a good [&hellip
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