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Where the Streets Are Paved With Gasoline-Powered Generators

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Parts of Lower Manhattan may spend the holidays and beyond hooked up to noisy, noxious generators if building management companies don’t soon finish necessary repairs. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many downtown Manhattan buildings relied on emergency generators for power in an effort to return to normalcy. As of last week, Council Member Margaret Chin’s [&hellip
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New York City’s Most Popular Baby Names: Isabella and Jayden

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Photo by skeddy in NYC, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. By Paul Bisceglio If a new mother in the city happens to challenge you to guess her baby’s name, you now know your safest bet: Isabella or Jayden. On Wednesday, mayor Michael Bloomberg announced New York City’s most popular baby names of 2011. The results were gleaned from the Health Department’s birth certificates, which identified [&hellip
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