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Hospital CEO Gives His All for His Patients, Staff

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Dr. Steve Corwin_0415 By Vanesa Vennard Dr. Steven Corwin went into medicine to help people, focusing on cardiology because his mother’s father and his father’s father both suffered from heart disease. “You have somebody in your family that has a disease, you want to help them,” he said. “Even though I couldn’t help my two grandparents, there are other [&hellip
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New Cancer Center Comes to Upper East Side

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WS_E73rd Riverfront Rendering_courtesyof[TK]   Last week, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the Upper East Side will soon be home to a brand-new building housing a brand-new partnership of city institutions. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the City University of New York’s Hunter College will be teaming up to construct a connected science facility on East 73rd Street, on what [&hellip
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Advocacy Groups Rally Downtown in Support of Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling

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A number of groups and individuals met today in Foley Square to rally in support of SCOTUS upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Health Care for All New York organized a “Rally to Respond” to the ruling, which was quickly retitled a “Rally to Celebrate,” announced Director Mark Hannay to the crowd. Hannay was among [&hellip
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Giving Confidence to Seniors with Dementia

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old By Roy Herndon Smith Many older people live alone and do not have a close family member or friend living nearby who can help them if they become ill and unable to do all the tasks necessary to maintain their lives at home. They or a family member will sometimes employ a geriatric care manager. [&hellip
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Using Life Experience to Get Health Care Jobs

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NYU School of Continuing & Professional Studies Project. By Laura Shin Carmelita Blake is a clinical associate professor of health care management and the coordinator of health administration and health care management at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She spoke with Manhattan Media about education. What is health administration and health care management? What types of jobs do these programs lead [&hellip
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Where Did My Prescription Go?

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By Dan Rivoli When health lifestyle emporium Thérapie New York shut down its pharmacy department last month, customers’ prescriptions were sold to a Duane Reade branch a block away. Some regulars were incensed while others were merely miffed or confused. Was this a violation of privacy? An inconvenience? According to state regulations, the transfer was [&hellip
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Across the nation, Democratic members of Congress defended their support for health care reform to constituents during the Easter recess. But while many Democrats in more conservative districts stuck their necks out by voting for the historic bill, Rep. Jerrold Nadler is defending the legislation to liberal Upper West Side voters who believe it didn’t [&hellip
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Health Care Reform of the Most Basic Kind

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First, here’s wishing Sal Silvestra Caputo, who faithfully delivered this paper for so many years, a full recovery from the fall that so unfortunately broke his hip. No, it didn’t happen delivering the papers, which even in clement weather is high-risk work in New York City. Nor was he knocked down by a “rogue cyclist” [&hellip
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Health Care Help

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To the Editor: We know that millions of men, women and children are not insured for health care. It would help if the uninsured could go to fully equipped special emergency rooms that have access to hospitals. President Obama might ask all taxpayers to contribute money to maintain the special ERs. I, for one, would [&hellip
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