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JFK Airport Potential Pandemic Incubator, Study Says

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JFK Terminal 9. Photo by Martin St. Amant. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.. John F. Kennedy International Airport is perfectly poised to become the starting point of the next pandemic, according to a new MIT study. Researchers considered the size of the airport, average number of passengers, and connections to other airports, while also using human travel patterns to calculate the chance of any one person traveling from [&hellip
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Whooping Cough Cases Triple in New York State

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by Adel Manoukian The number of whooping cough cases has tripled in the last year—a change that hasn’t happened in 50 years. In 2012 alone, there have been 1,288 cases reported in New York State with 186 in New York City and 333 on Long Island. According to recent reports, one of the causes for [&hellip
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Ask the Vet

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On Nov. 2, test results confirmed an H1N1 influenza infection in a pet cat living in Iowa, a revelation that startled pet owners nationwide. Health officials say it is likely that human family members transmitted the virus to the cat. Two members of the family had flu-like symptoms before their cat also showed signs of [&hellip
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