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Downtown Buildings on the Brink: The Infamous Abandoned Properties Below 14th Street

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JoeWolf_CityHallStation_o It’s difficult to imagine that amid the coveted, prime real estate of downtown Manhattan, where rates often top $200 per square foot for commercial space, some buildings remain idle, abandoned, deteriorating or otherwise neglected. Although it’s unknown exactly how many abandoned, vacant or unused properties there are in the city, recent efforts to count such [&hellip
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Debate Over NYU 2031 Plan Rages On

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Debate on both sides of the incendiary NYU expansion plan—NYU 2031—continues as the plan remains in limbo until voted on by City Council in July. The proposal passed the City Planning Commission 12-1, with Michelle de la Uz being the sole holdout against NYU’s controversial plan, which has come to be known as “Sexton’s Plan” [&hellip
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Stringer Endorses NYU Expansion

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nyu Borough President Scott Stringer recommends changes to NYU Greenwich Village Expansion On April 11, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer gave NYU a show of measured support by detailing his recommendations for modifications to the university’s proposed Greenwich Village expansion, a 20-year plan currently slated for completion in 2031. “N.Y.U. must coexist with Greenwich Village and [&hellip
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St. Vincent’s Deal Adds School, Saves Building

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Following nearly five years of negotiation, an agreement reached Wednesday by the City Council, Rudin Management and the mayor’s office allows for significant changes to the developer’s plans at the former St. Vincent’s Hospital site. The City Council’s Land Use Committee voted 10 to one in favor of a proposal whose major provisions include shrinking Rudin’s residential development from 450 condo units to 350; [&hellip
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Gifts with Heart

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The holidays are often equated with decorations, big meals and, perhaps most importantly, shopping. But while you are swiping that plastic or forking over cash for presents for family and loved ones, it can feel especially nice to mix purchasing with philanthropy. We suggest not only indulging in your consumer urges but helping out a [&hellip
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