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Uprising at McCarren Park Pool: Is Anyone Surprised? Neighbors From the 80s Would Say “NO”

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At this point, the surprise at seeing Greenpoint’s McCarren Park Pool linked to aggression in the headlines has seriously worn off. At the risk of downplaying the gravity of the violence, the pool is becoming something of a sitting duck. (by Alissa Fleck) On Tuesday, police actually required backup to deal with chaos at the [&hellip
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City Council Considers Legalizing Sunday Morning Brunch Outdoors (Yes, it is Illegal)

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Photo by Johnia! By Paul Bisceglio Add this to your list of laws you never knew you participated in breaking: outdoor brunch in the city is illegal on Sunday mornings. The obscure 1971 law that forbids restaurants from serving customers outside on Sundays before noon has long been ignored, but recent complaints of crowded sidewalks by residents in [&hellip
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