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Infamous D17 Occupy Protesters All Found Guilty of Trespassing on Church Property

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Remember that gang of protesters—led by Bishop George Packard—whose case just went to trial after six months of limbo? All eight were found guilty of trespassing, and one received a particularly harsh sentence, reported Gothamist.  (by Alissa Fleck) Occupier Mark Adams, charged additionally with criminal mischief and “attempted possession of burglar’s tools,” will spend forty-five [&hellip
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Trials Begin for Infamous Group of Priest-Led OWS Protesters

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Back in December, eight OWS protesters were arrested for trespassing. Six months later their cases are finally going to trial, The Nation reports. (by Alissa Fleck) The December arrest took place at Duarte Square, where the Occupy movement saw its three-month anniversary. The OWS participants were standing in a vacant lot owned by Trinity Church [&hellip
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