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Amour: Enduring Love in Any Language

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amour1 A series of unwanted guests creep into the orbit of Anne and George, a married couple of retired music teachers now in their 80s. There’s the criminal who tries to break into their handsomely lived-in Paris apartment early in Amour, Michael Haneke’s superlative mature new film. And there’s that pesky bird that keeps flying in [&hellip
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Inspector Bellamy

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By Armond White After Claude Chabrol’s death Sept. 12, 2010, the French New Wave continues to pass into history even though the best films by Nouvelle Vague directors—Chabrol, Truffaut, Godard, Rohmer, Rivette and others—stay amazingly vital. Chabrol’s final film, Inspector Bellamy, is a good example: Chabrol re-imagines the detective genre in the course of practicing [&hellip
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