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Changing with the seasons at the Cloisters

Written by Mary Gregory on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts West Side Spirit

Autumn at the Met’s ever-evolving northern outpost Nothing escapes the march of history, not even The Cloisters, New York’s beloved, magical oasis of art and nature. Though time seems to stand still at the Upper Manhattan branch of the Metropolitan Museum, The Cloisters is very much in the moment. This is particularly clear as the [&hellip
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Tour de France

Written by NYPress on . Posted in News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

Celeb 3_Photo by Alison Harris Writer David Downie regales New York City with tales of the French countryside By Angela Barbuti David Downie embarked on a journey most would only dream about — he walked across France, and wrote a book about it. Downie and his wife, photographer Alison Harris, took the 750-mile walk together, Downie armed with a notebook [&hellip
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The Protagonist: DJ Fancy Mike’s Post-Graduate, Intercontinental, Pop Culture Fever Dream

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

“How big of a f*** would I have to be to reference my own novella?” –DJ Fancy Mike After months of dedicated badgering, The Protagonist finally tracked down the elusive Mike Kleine, also known as DJ Fancy Mike, to discuss his 2012 novella Mastodon Farm. We began our conversation over Facebook chat, which is possibly [&hellip
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Three of Julia Child’s Most Elaborate Recipes in Celebration of One Refined Lady

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Lifestyle, NY Press Exclusive

Today would have been, famed American chef and author, Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Child was most famous, perhaps, for introducing French cuisine to the American culinary scene, but she was also an endearing television personality and former spy. In honor of her birthday, we have featured a couple of Child’s more “garnished” recipes, remembering a [&hellip
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How to Celebrate Bastille Day in NYC

Written by NYPress on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

For those who feel that this year’s 4th of July celebrations ended too early, there may still be hope to keep on partying for independence and democracy, French-style. There will be more blue, white and red this week as Francophiles around the world celebrate Bastille Day, the French national holiday commemorating the storming of Paris’ [&hellip
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Show Me Your Papers (Or Die Trying): A French Perspective on Racial Profiling

Written by NYPress on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive, Uncategorized

As debates surrounding the Supreme Court’s decision to amend Arizona’s SB 1070 Immigration law rage on, immigrant communities around the country have expressed concern that the “show me your paper” provision will lead to racial profiling. Meanwhile, defenders of the law, including Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, have argued that policemen are trained not to profile [&hellip
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The French Touch: How France Lets Facebook Deal With Cyber-Bullies

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Family, Opinion and Column

Text by Laurent Berstecher Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new bill proposal was approved on Monday, and has largely been supported by a population anxious to finally tackle one of the nation’s deepest-rooted and most ignored problems: Bullying. However, disagreements on whether bullies should be brought to court persist. A look at how the French have done [&hellip
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Summer Wines from the Loire: Look to the north of France for white wine inspiration

Written by Josh Perilo on . Posted in Dining Our Town, Eat & Drink, Our Town, The Penniless Epicure

thepennilessepicure Sooner or later, this rain is going to end. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. Sure, we’ve gotten a couple hints of the warm, sunshiny weather that summer surely has in store for us, but it always seems to be followed by another half-week of gloom and doom. Well, I’ve already checked into [&hellip
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The Middle Child of French Wines

Written by Josh Perilo on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Dining West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

The Middle Child of French Wines Constantly overlooked, the Rhone Valley makes some of the best wines Being a wine from France is a lot like being a sibling in a large family. You have the oldest, who gets the attention for being the oldest. You’ve got the perfect sibling, who’s always getting straight As. [&hellip
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