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City Week: November 6 – November 10, 2010

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Dissident Arts Festival—Progressive artists speak out for social justice in the fifth annual festival. Nov. 6, The Brecht Forum, 451 West St., 212-242-4201; 3 p.m., $6+. Coleridge and Patti Smith—Patti Smith’s eighth concert at the Metropolitan Museum devotes a program to the world of Khubilai Khan and the poetry of Samuel Taylor [&hellip
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Arm Sweeps, Curlicues and Castanets

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In 1965, Liliana Morales, a young aspiring dancer, showed up at a New York audition with the legendary Flamenco dancer Jose Greco. She was on her lunch break from her temp job as a legal secretary. Without changing her business suit, she executed a few dance steps for the famed dancer, and instantly landed a [&hellip
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