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City Arts: The Also-Rans: Must We Talk About Kevin?

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Film

we.need_.to_.talk_.about_.kevin_.tilda_.swinton This exclusive CityArts series will chart the recent peculiar releases that failed to get Oscar nominations. Yet, just like the Oscar-nominated fare, these movies are not a part of film culture but exist outside what moviegoers patronize and talk about. The films’ staggered release from December 2011 to early 2012 delays the effects of film on the [&hellip
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Why the Oscars No Longer Matter

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

oscar (1) It’s that time of year! Welcome to my pre-Oscar haze. As the world’s self-proclaimed Biggest Oscar Fan, the week running up to Hollywood’s golden night has historically filled me with sheer glee. But even I will acknowledge that in recent years, the ceremony has come to feel like more of a formality than a thrill. [&hellip
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City Arts: Ghost Rider Redeems and Critiques

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts West Side Spirit, Film, Our Town, West Side Spirit

ghost.rider_.spirit.of_.vengeance If the filmmaking team Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor wrote out their thoughts on how contemporary pop has traduced fun, warped thrills and debased energy in the art form they love, it would be a great provocative piece of criticism—although few film publications would want such a principled view of the destructive entertainment that’s routinely [&hellip
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Tiresome Threesome

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts West Side Spirit, Film, Our Town, West Side Spirit

08_Film-ThisMeansWar_1 In the stultifying Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, British actor Tom Hardy briefly appeared in a romantic subplot as a heartbroken, repentant operative who laments all the impenetrable death and subterfuge simply because it cost him the woman he loved. For a few fleeting moments, Hardy’s alert eyes, sensual lips and magnetic ruddiness broke through film’s [&hellip
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Raising Renee: A Sit Down With the Subject of the Powerful New Documentary

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

Raising-Renee_Beverly-Front-steps-one300dpi Documentarian Jeanne Jordan and painter Beverly McIver both attended an advanced study in the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard. Bev’s studio was right next door to Jordan’s, and the two became fast friends. Jordan marveled at her neighbor’s large-scale paintings, which reminded her of graphic film stills. The two began socializing outside of work, Jeanne inviting [&hellip
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Denzel Goes Rogue in Safe House

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts Our Town Downtown, Arts West Side Spirit, Film, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

safe-house Safe House, an espionage chase film set in South Africa, is rotten enough to be a sequel to District 9, where South African racial issues were treated to a dumb sci-fi alien allegory. Here, the alien is Denzel Washington, who first appears walking down a Johannesburg street in a Malcolm X beard and fedora. But [&hellip
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The Arts Mingle in Tribeca

Written by Our Town Downtown on . Posted in Arts Our Town Downtown, Film, Our Town Downtown

chanel Since its inception in 2002 the Tribeca Film Festival has hosted hundreds of films made hundreds film makers from around the world, and one of its longest traditions is the Artists Awards Program. The program, sponsored by Chanel, announced that Peter Dayton, Walton Ford, Stephen Hannock, JR, Kim Keever, Clifford Ross, Nathan Sawaya, Cindy Sherman, Hugo [&hellip
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Armond White: Theory vs. Practice

Written by Our Town Downtown on . Posted in Film, Our Town Downtown

“Ever hear of Plato’s allegory of the cave?” one teenager asks another in Chronicle. This philosophy quiz was unexpected in the midst of a thrill ride movie, but Chronicle is so surprisingly interesting I wondered if its makers ever saw The Conformist (1970), where Bernardo Bertolucci visualized Plato’s allegory. When it’s good, Chronicle is less [&hellip
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