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London Street Scenes on the Upper East Side

Written by Rebecca Harris on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town, Museums, Our Town

London, 2008 The Museum of London has loaned its most popular temporary exhibit to the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) in honor of the 2012 Olympic games in London this month. The East Harlem museum unveiled the expansive photography collection, as well as an original companion exhibit, last Friday to coincide with the start [&hellip
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From Roots to Toots

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cliff-in-harder-they-fall-300x170 By Elena Oumano BAM’s ‘Do the Reggae’ series explores music on screen Jamaican music came into its own in the early ’60s, thanks to the advent of cheap transistor radios and the country’s 1962 release from British rule. The island’s 2.7 million descendants of African captives could now tune in more easily to Miami, New [&hellip
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Armond White: Director Todd Solondz Leaves Irony Behind in New Movie

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts & Film

In an answer to contemporary culture’s manic competition for fame, Todd Solondz offers Dark Horse, a film about Abe (Jordan Gelber), a 35-year-old Jewish man—overweight, living with his parents, employed in his father’s real estate business yet still playing with toys, desperate to begin his life and enjoy the culture’s empty cheer. Abe’s not a [&hellip
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Summer is Coming: Summer Guide 2012

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Summer_Cover.indd It’s still the early part of the season, the good part, when summer hours kick into effect (for the luckiest among us), before the tourist invasion starts and the city starts to heat up and emit that special odor that’s uniquely New York in August. There’s no better time to be in the city for [&hellip
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Summer Reading—At the Movies

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town, Arts Our Town Downtown, Arts West Side Spirit, Books, Film, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, Special Sections, Summer Guide, West Side Spirit

Taking reading and movie-watching literally Summer used to be the time people caught up on the reading they had always meant to do. In Goodbye, Columbus, Philip Roth parodied the ritual pulling out of Tolstoy’s War and Peace around the pool or on the beach. Roth observed an ideal situation—not beach fiction but great fiction [&hellip
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Citizen Artist: A Noel Coward Film Series to Remember

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Arts & Film, West Side Spirit

NoelCoward_Lean As part of the citywide Noël Coward tribute Star Quality: The World of Noël Coward, the film series at the Walter Reade Theater makes it evident that current pop culture has not produced the kind of multitalented demi-giants like the 20th century’s Coward, Jean Cocteau, Orson Welles, Melvin Van Peebles. Very possibly Michael Jackson and [&hellip
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A Guide to Educational Summer Day Camps

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Continuing Education, Family, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, Special Sections, West Side Spirit

By Meghan Gearino, Kat Harrison and Elizabeth Raymond   We doubt that anyone thinks of New York City as a summer camp mecca—but by most standards, it really is. Consider all the children’s activity centers and enrichment programs that the city is blessed with—some go on hiatus and some slow down in the summertime, offering [&hellip
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See the World Through Max Weinman's Lens

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

IMG_1550 There are no explosions in Max Weinman’s films. There is no sex, except perhaps a sudden caught breath in a forest scene, which subconsciously represents the first flicker of lust. There’s no cursing. No drugs. Very few people. Talking. Sound. And with those qualities stripped we’re left with a beautiful commentary on wanderlust and an [&hellip
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Movies in Search of an Author

Written by Tomas Hachard on . Posted in Film

citizenkane A new series at the Anthology Film Archives explores the role of the screenwriter in the history of film. Plays have playwrights, TV series have creators, and movies have directors. It’s a structure of artistic credit that seems to come naturally, even though it hides the group driven nature of each art. One particular consequence [&hellip
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