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Old Is New Again: Ride the Waves of Film History at Film Forum

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CA-jean_cocteau_orphee_gallery_7 Film Forum’s current retrospective series, “The French Old Wave” (through Sept. 13), continues with more classic films and film history that you need to catch up with in order to realize—in this awful era of comic- book frivolity—how great cinema can be. Though billed as a tribute to the “quality” films that Truffaut and Godard, [&hellip
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Armond White on Spaghetti Westerns and The Birth of Cynicism

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franco-nero-DJANGO-300x300 Spaghetti Westerns, Film Forum’s current retrospective (now through June 21) may be the most important series that redoubtable, unpredictable New York institution has ever shown. This extensive three-week, 26-film survey of the 1960s Italian film genre reexamines its history but most compellingly asks the question “Do we watch movies as adults or as children?” That [&hellip
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CityArts Exclusive: Armond White Looks at a Classic that Confounds Film Culture

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Jacques Rivette’s Celine and Julie Meta Movie Returns CITYARTS EXCLUSIVE: LOOKING AT A CLASSIC THAT CONFOUNDS FILM CULTURE Legend says (and an eyewitness confirms) that at the 1974 New York Film Festival press screening of Celine and Julie Go Boating, Pauline Kael walked out in the middle announcing, “I’m going to the movies!” Apparently Jacques Rivette’s [&hellip
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Gifts with Heart

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The holidays are often equated with decorations, big meals and, perhaps most importantly, shopping. But while you are swiping that plastic or forking over cash for presents for family and loved ones, it can feel especially nice to mix purchasing with philanthropy. We suggest not only indulging in your consumer urges but helping out a [&hellip
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When Cinema and Politics Converge: Godard’s Weekend and the Wall Street Protests

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By John Bredin   In 1967, one year before the historic Left uprisings of May 1968, Godard produced a pair of prophetic masterpieces (La Chinoise and Weekend) as if to provide cognitive, and aesthetic, sustenance for the coming revolution. So perfect was their historical tie in that, at their American premier—during the 1968 New York [&hellip
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Film Forum’s Karen Cooper

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By PENNY GREY DIRECTOR, FILM FORUM Film Forum (209 W. Houston St., between Sixth Avenue and Varick Street) is the only autonomous, full-time nonprofit cinema in New York City and is a stronghold of Downtown culture. Karen Cooper, director of the theater since 1972, reflects on Film Forum and the importance of independent cinema to [&hellip
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Every Man For Himself

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By Armond White Thirty years ago, Every Man For Himself was hailed as Jean-Luc Godard’s comeback. So its revival this week at Film Forum should be viewed as the same. After the confounding, insincere semi-honor from Hollywood’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a recent front page smear in the New York Times, [&hellip
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City Week: September 30 – October 7

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A Selective Listing of Recommended Cultural & Community Events FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1 Forbidden Passion—A highly theatrical adaptation of the classic weepie Brief Encounter (itself based on a Noel Coward short play), this production has prestige and theatrical magic written all over it. Studio 54, 254 W. 54th St., 212-719-1300; times vary, $37-$
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