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NYPD Officer Hit by Ferrari Suing Driver for $10 Million

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Hundreds of deadly drivers go free every year in New York City because NYPD protocol limits investigations into crashes which do not appear life-threatening. While no violent incident ever has its upswing, it seems reality star Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend Julien Chabbott ran over the foot of just the right person to be forced to pay [&hellip
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Video: Man in Ferrari Runs Over Cop While Trying to Evade Minor Traffic Ticket

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File this one in all things absurd and humiliating. Yesterday in Soho, a man in a Ferrari—reportedly the boyfriend of an MTV reality star, according to Gothamist—attempted to speed off while being ticketed by an NYPD officer. He didn’t get far though as, unfortunately, he managed to do even more damage in the process. The [&hellip
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