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City Arts: Presidents in Lust

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Bill Murray as FDR in Hyde Park on Hudson Historical man-sharing in ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s deification–once the preoccupation of Depression and WWII survivors–comes to an end in Hyde Park on Hudson, a tell-all semi-bio-pic that is really about the women in FDR’s harem. Screenwriter Richard Nelson’s presumptuous aspersions present FDR’s wife Eleanor (Olivia Williams) as a lesbian, his secretary Missy (Elizabeth [&hellip
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New York’s Most Dangerous Bridges

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Despite mandates, Comptroller Liu says DOT is slow to respond   Don’t forget your swimmies. Comptroller John C. Liu said yesterday that after a 2009-10 city audit on the safety of its bridges, the Department of Transportation still has yet to make some obligatory repairs. And considering bridges can already be somewhat eerie, that’s a [&hellip
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