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Art Adverts Start a New Wave

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by Greg Solman Advertising strategies gearing up for next season take art out the wilderness. CityArts surveys the new media tacticians who bring Broadway shows, museums and other art venues to popular attention. Art and its patrons all benefit from millennial art advertising’s new tactical strategies. Part 1 of a two-part series. New Yorkers with [&hellip
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Facebook Friend or Boss?: Bill would protect passwords from employers

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FE-Liz Krueger Facebook By Nick Powell Big Brother wants your Facebook password. A spate of complaints regarding companies requiring applicants and employees to divulge login information for social media accounts has forced the hand of state Sen. Liz Krueger, who introduced legislation recently that would ban such practices. Krueger cited the obvious privacy concerns as well as liability [&hellip
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The Social Network

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By Armond White The Social Network glamorizes a new paradigm: How the Internet’s basic disconnect characterizes contemporary public discourse. Director David Fincher’s lustrous video images make instant, stylish mythology out of the way Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg re-popularized the Internet by founding the Facebook in 2003. This brainy, insular 19-year-old pinpointed the Internet as a [&hellip
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