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Tapped In: UWS Bakeries Named FourSquare’s Best, New Safety for Delivery Bikes

Written by Joanna Fantozzi on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

800px-Delivery_bike_NYC TWO U.W.S. BAKERIES NAMED IN FOURSQUARE’S ‘BEST OF’ LIST Foursquare, the social app that lets friends check in to restaurants, bars and other places, has sifted data of more than 3 billion check-ins and pulled up a list of the best New York City has to offer—from best eateries and clubs to best sights and [&hellip
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Dying Breeds: Upper West Side Book Store Holds Out

Written by Joanna Fantozzi on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

Customer Richard Cline browses the shelves at Westsider Books. Bibliophiles keep Westsider Books open for business in a changing retail climate Westsider Books has the musty smell and sense of disarray that a used book store should have. Books pile high in every corner, even crowding the narrow staircase to the second floor. For owner Dorian Thornley, his store is the only game in [&hellip
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Big Nick’s, the Upper West Side Landmark, Struggles to Stay Afloat with Pending Rent Hike

Written by Joanna Fantozzi on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

Upper West Siders fond of the comforting (and, admittedly, a little greasy) food found at longtime local landmark Big Nick’s Burger Joint and Pizza Joint may soon have to wave their waffle fries goodbye. Big Nick’s, the family restaurant on Broadway and 77th Street that has been serving up diner fare for half a century, [&hellip
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Racism & Hate Speech on the Unofficial NYPD Message Board Following West Indian Day Parade

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Blog, Breaking News

(by Alissa Fleck) Various unofficial online NYPD discussion forums—including Facebook and the message board Thee Rant—have been an outlet for intense racism by NYPD officers in recent years. Gothamist reports last year numerous officers faced disciplinary action for hateful comments posted on Facebook following the West Indian Day Parade. The recent dismissal of Fishel Litzman, [&hellip
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New York Attracting a Flood of Tech Start-Ups

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Lifestyle, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

Following suit of Silicon Valley years ago, the Big Apple is attracting new companies According to a recent article in Mashable, New York is becoming a hotter and hotter site for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Where Silicon Valley is king, NYC, for many reasons, is rising in the ranks. Young and popular companies like Foursquare [&hellip
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AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo…What Your Email Address Says About You

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in Blog, NY Press Exclusive, Uncategorized

A person’s surface identity may now be inextricably bound up with Twitter feeds and other heavily tailored, virtual life-mélanges (Facebook Timeline, LinkedIn, etc.), but everybody still uses email, and in a few words email says a lot. My parents, entirely respectable people, still pay for AOL service. While I want to trust the decisions of [&hellip
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Buzzed About “Feminine Presence” Event Canceled

Written by City & State on . Posted in Politics

Marty Golden UPDATE: Is the event canceled? That’s what the Daily News’ Ken Lovett tweets. And now it’s confirmed by the Daily Intel. However, the “bum rush” event’s founder Jon Reznick says on Facebook that the anti-Golden event is still going forward. ORIGINAL PIECE: Following up on our article this morning about an event being held by [&hellip
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The French Touch: How France Lets Facebook Deal With Cyber-Bullies

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Family, Opinion and Column

Text by Laurent Berstecher Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new bill proposal was approved on Monday, and has largely been supported by a population anxious to finally tackle one of the nation’s deepest-rooted and most ignored problems: Bullying. However, disagreements on whether bullies should be brought to court persist. A look at how the French have done [&hellip
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