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Tapped In: Election Woes, Pizza Delivery Rape Indictment, Krims Start Fund

Written by Paul Bisceglio on . Posted in Notes From the Neighborhood west side spirit, West Side Spirit

Barack Obama SANDY CAUSES ELECTION DAY WOES New Yorkers helped re-elect President Barack Obama, but not without some technical difficulties. The damages wrought on the city by Hurricane Sandy prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue an order allowing evacuated residents to vote at any poll site in the state by using affidavit ballots. Many sites [&hellip
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Board of Elections In Disarray As Election Day Approaches

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NYC Board of Elections Commissioner “J.C.” Polanco (via Twitter) With Election Day rapidly approaching, the devastation from Hurricane Sandy could have residual consequences that may alter the outcome of local and federal elections. With many polling sites still without power and thousands of residents displaced due to flooding and damage to their homes, the New York City Board of Elections has been scrambling to [&hellip
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Our Endorsements for Local Elections

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U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney While the upcoming elections have been largely overshadowed by the devastation and recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy, there are still important choices for voters to make on November 6th. We interviewed most of the candidates in contested elections in the districts covered by Our Town, the West Side Spirit, and Our Town Downtown. The editorial [&hellip
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Is America Ready for Democratic Elections?

Written by Josh Rogers on . Posted in Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, Politics, West Side Spirit

josh A realistic way to disarm the electoral college, so every voter has a voice New Yorkers just don’t thank the one percenters enough. Of course the wealthiest seldom get thanked at all. It’s not at all surprising given their not-so-flattering name was coined by their opponents, Occupy Wall Street But regardless of whether you think [&hellip
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Why We Should Vote on 9/11

Written by Christopher Moore on . Posted in Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, Politics, West Side Spirit

chrismoor Shifting elections away from anniversary date is a mistake The move is shortsighted and contrary to the public interest. The decision in question: shifting the state primary from Tuesday, Sept. 11 to Thursday, Sept. 13. The governor and the state legislature have decided that Sept. 11 is, as the New York Times put it last week, “a [&hellip
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Meet the Candidates

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The New York Democratic primary elections take place Sept. 14. In the coming weeks we’ll outline some of the key city, state and national races so you’ll be prepared (and encouraged) to vote
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Why We Need Non-Partisan Elections

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Our city, state and nation are at an historic political crossroads. Citizen resentment and cynicism about partisanship and our elected leaders is at an all-time high. In Albany, our legislators have become synonymous with dysfunction. Scandals have taken down a governor and comptroller, and a dramatic State Senate coup last summer brought government to a [&hellip
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