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Crime Watch

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images HANDBAG THEFT AFTER DINNER A 29-year-old woman was having a late-night meal at a restaurant on Second Avenue on Jan. 21. She left her handbag on her chair to go pay the bill. When she came back, she noticed her $1,200 designer bag was missing, and after searching thoroughly, determined that it must have been [&hellip
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A Golden Age for Developing Your Muse

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By John Friia People entering their retirement can expect a shift from constant work to spending more time developing their creative talents. Many seniors spend their golden years learning how to paint, draw and make pottery at local art classes. Dr. Gail Lowenstein, a geriatrician and concierge doctor serving the North Shore of Nassau County [&hellip
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Time Management Strategies for Caregivers

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iStock_000015649896Medium By Carol Bradley Bursack Don’t let the title scare, you, folks. I’m not presenting a “system” here. Personally, I’ve never seen a chart or graph designed to help me organize my life that I didn’t intentionally ignore. “Systems” designed by experts never seems to consider my life or personality. They seemed like cardboard cutouts, made [&hellip
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Financial Planning Tips for Caregivers

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Worried mature couple using wireless technology By Mario Solitto Caregivers are often so focused on managing their parent’s health and financial needs that they don’t even think about their own future needs. Although your focus is on providing care for your loved one, it’s important to think about and prepare for your own future financial and caregiving needs. If you haven’t [&hellip
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Myths About Medicaid

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Lunch at Retirement Home Myth: I cannot become eligible for Medicaid because my assets are too high. Fact: Applicants for Community Medicaid in New York State must have less than $14,250 (for a single person) or $20,850 (combined assets for a married couple). An applicant’s residence does not count as an asset if the market value of the home, [&hellip
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A Bumpy Ride on the Road of Betty White

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Bette Dewing(as) As usual, several burning concerns need your attention and action, so as Bette Davis warned in All about Eve: “It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” The May 17 New York Times City Room blog post “A Target Older Than the Jokes at Her Roast” dismissed anyone “easily offended” by Friar’s Club roast jokes. The [&hellip
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Notes from the Neighborhood

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Ahigial Lee Zhou plays chess at the P.S. 6 Chess Tournament 2012 on March 11. Compiled by Megan Bungeroth and Grace Ragi HOSPITAL APPOINTS LGBT HEALTH LEADER Beth Israel Medical Center announced this week the appointment of nationally recognized LGBT health expert Barbara E.Warren, PsyD, as director of its newly established LGBT Health Services program. Warren will work to develop partnerships between the hospital and local LGBT organizations and continue [&hellip
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Elderly Man Mugged

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An 87-year-old man was mugged March 31 at 2:11 p.m., after he finished grocery shopping. Police said that assailant David Simmon, 47, started shaking the elderly Upper West Side man on the northwest corner of West 68th Street and Broadway. During the interaction, Simmons allegedly lifted the man’s wallet out of his pocket. The man [&hellip
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