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Lady Smarts: How to Visit a Bar Alone

Written by Meredith Russo on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

beer book Sometimes a lady just wants to enjoy a glass of wine, some candlelight, and a little ambient activity without the bother of making plans or, quite frankly, conversation. Unfortunately, ever since Eve solo-drank her first Appletini and damned us all, visiting even the coziest bar alone and unbothered has become nearly impossible. Until now. So [&hellip
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How Not to Make a Martini

Written by NY Press on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

martini1 Can I get a proper drink, please? By Suzanne Meyers It’s true – the rumor mill, the grapevine and the British tabloids are correct (and aren’t they all controlled by Murdoch anyway?) – James Bond no longer orders his usual tipple, a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. No, this time around in the new film [&hellip
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Vai-ing for Attention

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Dining West Side Spirit, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

Vai stands out from the crowd on Amsterdam Avenue The restaurant row of Amsterdam Avenue is dominated by the sort of Japanese fusion restaurant whose menu is dominated by eight pages of maki that feature mango, cream cheese, and tempura-fried everything. Their outdoor seating is a sea of blond ponytails and pink-and-purple-topped plates, and waves [&hellip
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Brooklyn Residents Drinking on Stoop Receive Summons for Drinking in Public

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town, Our Town Downtown

Photo by Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons. By Paul Bisceglio Andrew Rausa celebrated Independence Day on a brownstone stoop in Boerum Hill last Wednesday like countless other Brooklynites: with friends, a grill and a few beers. When an unmarked police car stopped in front of them, he told the New York Times, he thought they might be in trouble for the grill. [&hellip
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How St. Patrick’s Traditions Got Their Start

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Arts & Film, Breaking News, Lifestyle, News West Side Spirit, NY Press Exclusive, Our Town, West Side Spirit With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, many New Yorkers are gearing up to take part in what have become ingrained traditions for many city dwellers. A stereotypical holiday itinerary might start with a hearty meal of corned beef and cabbage, followed by swilling green beer, donning plastic green leprechaun gear, cheering on a [&hellip
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Written by admin on . Posted in Special Sections

Soon after I started taking antidepressants in my early twenties, I moved to Paris, armed with my pills and a note from my doctor for airport security explaining why I had enough medication in my suitcase to cheer up a small country. I don’t remember what I was taking at the time—probably Paxil or Prozac—but [&hellip
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Written by admin on . Posted in Crime Watch West Side Spirit, News West Side Spirit

An Australian man had his $250 wristwatch stolen on Sept. 23. Cops said that at 2 a.m., while drinking with a group of people on the sidewalk in front of 890 Amsterdam Ave., just south of West 104th Street, a thief snatched the watch. The 39-year-old victim tried to retrieve his property, according to police, [&hellip
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