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A Little Slice of Paris

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By Nancy J. Brandwein My friend Lydie stopped into Patisserie Margot in her never-ending quest for the perfect pastry. My friend Caroline went there for sustenance to brace herself for Fairway’s pre-Rosh Hashanah shopping madness. Both gave me glowing reports of the pastries—none over $4, from traditional éclairs and Napoleons to rustic raspberry crumb—and told [&hellip
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The Sandwich with the Caviar Tattoo

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By Nancy J. Brandwein Swirls of something resembling tan Cheez Whiz decorated the hardboiled-egg slices on thin, dense bread studded with sunflower seeds ($3). “Swedes like tubed food,” said Fisk’s owner Annika Sundvik, referring to Kalles Kaviar, smoked fish roe that comes in a kitschy blue tube
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Food as Life

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Chef Kevin Garcia shares lifetime of experience at Academia Di Vino By Linnea Covington On a recent Friday afternoon, as the staff prepared Accademia di Vino Broadway for dinner service, Kevin Garcia sat at the bar trying to figure out how to recreate a dish he sampled on a chefs’ tour of Sicily. The photo [&hellip
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At El Porron, Taste of Spain Is Delivered

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Authentic dishes served with flair By Tom Steele Before I visited Spain for the first time, my friends warned me that I’d be disappointed by the cuisine there. On the contrary, I was not only completely beguiled, but the trip changed the way I cooked in several important ways. For example, as soon as I [&hellip
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Pinot Noir is Jazz

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By Josh Perilo Continuing on my recent ramblings, comparing different grape varietals to different genres of music, one grape in particular began to vex me. Pinot Noir. So unique, and yet incredibly hard to define, I tossed and turned trying to pin down what musical niche could possibly compare. Then it struck me like a [&hellip
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