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Armond White’s Mid-Year Awards

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Carole Bouquet and André Dussollier in Unforgivable. 2012’s best so far and Sarris remembered This year, I want to do the Mid-Year Reckoning differently, as a tribute to film critic Andrew Sarris’ recent passing. It was Sarris, during my grad school years at Columbia, who wisely advised that the percentage of good movies has not changed from the old days; now that [&hellip
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Armond White: Joseph Kahn’s Detention vs. the World of Pop

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High, Low, Surreal Pop culture moves fast but not as fast as Joseph Kahn’s Detention, a rampage through recent pop history that is so delirious–and so sharp about the cynicism ingrained in commercial pop’s almost hateful seductions of youth–that it sometimes seems one and the same with the target Kahn is satirizing. Students at Grizzly [&hellip
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