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Where the Streets Are Paved With Gasoline-Powered Generators

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Parts of Lower Manhattan may spend the holidays and beyond hooked up to noisy, noxious generators if building management companies don’t soon finish necessary repairs. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many downtown Manhattan buildings relied on emergency generators for power in an effort to return to normalcy. As of last week, Council Member Margaret Chin’s [&hellip
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Cuomo’s Hydo-Fracking Decision Imminent

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Governon Cuomo. Photo by azipaybarah, via Flickr Creative Commons. By Paul Bisceglio Following the completion of a Department of Environmental Conservation environmental impact study, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to decide this week whether or not to allow natural gas companies to extract gas by hydro-fracking, a drilling technique that blasts a high-pressure mix of water, chemicals and other materials deep underground [&hellip
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‘Gasland’ Director Says Cuomo’s Legacy is on the Line

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A seen from Gasland By Mayara Guimaraes Josh Fox has been loudly proclaiming the dangers of hydrofracking with his words and films ever since a gas company sought to lease his family’s land in Pennsylvania several years ago. After he conducted some research into the controversial process, he declined the $100,000 offer and set out to educate others on [&hellip
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Wing and a Prayer

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East Siders hold out hope as hero pilot Capt. Sully joins fight to stop 91st St. garbage station.   Opponents of the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station (MTS) planned by the city are joining forces with a seemingly unlikely ally, the Friends of LaGuardia Airport. What residents against a trash facility in their neighborhood [&hellip
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By Dan Rivoli An Upper West Side state lawmaker wants a moratorium on the “hydrofracking” method of drilling for natural gas near the city’s water supply. Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell asked for the suspension on drilling in New York State in an Oct. 1 letter to Gov. David Paterson, and state and city environmental commissioners [&hellip
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