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City Yoga Studios Feel Unfairly Targeted by Government Agencies

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By Alissa Fleck The New York Times recently reported yoga studio owners feel unfairly targeted by city agencies. Three years ago, New York State government proposed regulations requiring schools that trained yoga instructors to obtain licenses to do so. Eventually, yoga studios were exempted from the regulation, but the obstacles for studios only continued from there. [&hellip
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Two Injured After Car Plunges Down Elevator Shaft of UES Parking Garage

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After shot of the fallen car that firefighters extracted from the shaft (Photo Courtesy of @FDNY) Two people were hospitalized Tuesday morning after a car plummeted down the elevator shaft of an Upper East Side parking garage. A parking attendant at the East 76th Street and 1st Avenue garage reportedly drove the vehicle into the car elevator on the building’s fifth floor, but the elevator was not there, CBS reported. He [&hellip
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City Oks Controversial Construction

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Tenants of the brownstone apartment building at 315 W. 103rd St. have been through the wringer in recent years. They’ve endured ongoing construction, dangerous conditions and the ever-present, ugly scaffolding swathing their homes and blocking their windows—but perhaps the worst thing they’ve put up with is the contention that they don’t even exist. Back in [&hellip
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Uptown Illegal Hotel Shut Down by City

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FW-318 West 75th Street(as) Last week, another illegal hotel operating on the Upper West Side bit the dust as the city steps up enforcement of recent state laws prohibiting them. The hotel in question is not really a hotel at all, by law or by appearances. It’s run out of 318 W. 75th St., a landmarked five-story walk-up with [&hellip
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Party to Pray: Historic Church says livelihood depends on 583 Park Avenue events

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FE-583 Park Ave(as) An Upper East Side church, simultaneously a site of worship and a lavish event venue, has become a flashpoint of controversy for the Park Avenue neighborhood surrounding it. The Third Church of Christ Scientist, on the corner of Park and East 63rd Street, leases its historic building to the Rose Group, an upscale event production [&hellip
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UNION SQUARE NEW ADDITION TO UNION SQUARE PARTNERSHIP  Felicia Tunnah, former assistant vice president of the Downtown Alliance, has joined the Union Square Partnership as its director of economic development and special projects. As the new director, Tunnah will create programs to promote retail and commercial activity in the area and enhance the streetscape around [&hellip
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The Ups and Downs of the Elevator Life

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chris Those confined spaces remain central to our urban lives—and our fears by Christopher Moore I hate to write about it. I even hate to think about it. But the question comes to me, usually after the door shuts. I wait for the movement. I look up, seeking the little illuminated sign to tell me where I am and where I’m going. There’s a tiny, [&hellip
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