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Denzel Washington & New York Disasters

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11-2flight1_full_380 By Suzanne Meyers I’m adding my voice to those predicting Denzel Washington will win Best Actor in this year’s Oscar competition for his role as an alcoholic pilot in the new film Flight.  I’ll even the score with my ex-husband who, after leaving Training Day, days after the terror attacks in September 2001, correctly declared [&hellip
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The Voice Heard Around the Upper West Side

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Meet Michael McGlone By Andrea Barbuti If you hear a distinctive voice in Central Park reciting, “Could switching to Geico really save you 15 percent or more on car insurance?” it’s probably the real thing. “The Geico guy,” as many people around the country know him, makes his home on the Upper West Side. Besides [&hellip
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By Armond White Denzel Washington is a movie star in the sense that you can’t imagine him as anything else because he never effaces himself enough to become a character. Denzel always lets you know he’s Denzel—the first black matinee idol without the yoke of being a standard-bearer. But at least he keeps his bluster [&hellip
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