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Bloomberg and Bodegas: The Power Elites?

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josh Hollow arguments from opponents to a ban on large sodas  Bodegas, you see, are some of the New York City businesses that will clean up at the expense of the “little guys,” like pizza parlors and McDonald’s, if, as expected, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new soda policy goes into effect in September. That was just one [&hellip
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A New Ride For The City Blind

Written by Andrew Rice on . Posted in Breaking News

Credit to William Alatriste New York City Council Riding in a taxi can be a harrowing experience for the blind and visually impaired. If they choose to pay with a credit card, they were forced to rely on cab drivers to swipe their card and enter the correct amount, including the tip. Now, thanks to new software unveiled by Council Member James Vacca, [&hellip
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City & State: Heard Around Town, April 5, 2012

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*  On Fred Dicker‘s radio show yesterday former Gov. David Paterson defended Gov. Andrew Cuomoagainst charges his administration lacks transparency, saying that criticism of the all-night Albany session that led to the passage of the pension plan (among other things) was unstudied, and ignores the messy realities of policy-making. Paterson underscored the point with a [&hellip
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Townhouse Sets Real Estate Record

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Is the New York City real estate market picking up? The New York Post’s Jennifer Gould Keil reports that a new Upper West Side record has been set with the purchase of a $19.3 million townhouse on West 76th Street, off Central Park West
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Companies can no longer use animals when testing chemicals and cosmetics if a valid alternative method is available, according to a new law signed by Gov. David Paterson. The bill, sponsored by Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal, died in a Senate committee earlier this year but was recently revived. The law is the third of its [&hellip
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