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Tribeca Film’s Unveils Keanu Reeves Doc About the Effects of the Digital Revolution on Cinema

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Movie theater. Photo by Fin Fahey. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Technological advances have always driven major changes in the art of film making, from the coming of sound to the development of computer animation. But could the digital age render film itself irrelevant? Tribeca Film is tackling this question through a series online of video clips exploring the new documentary Side by Side. The documentary, [&hellip
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AMC’S Cop Show The Killing Doesn’t Pay Off

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

I don’t envy The Killing. Almost done with its second season, Veena Sud’s adaptation of the Danish crime drama Forbrydelsen had quite the uphill battle after rabidly vocal super-viewers attacked its cliffhanger finale last summer. You see, Killing promised to solve its central premise – who killed teen Rosie Larsen? – by season’s end, and [&hellip
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David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time

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David Lynch debuted the music video for his song, “Crazy Clown Time” this Monday, which has forced me to question: Is David Lynch at all relevant anymore? The music video, which he directed, plays out the narrative of his song. “Suzy, she ripped her shirt off completely.” A big-breasted blonde thing (Suzy?), rips her shirt [&hellip
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