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Now Take Them Out, Devils: The Next Day Introduces Bowie, The Mortal (Part 2)

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Missed part one? Read it here. When The Next Day was announced on Bowie’s 66th birthday, I had long since given up any hope of hearing new material. It was as if a limb I had amputated years ago had suddenly reappeared one morning; the phantom pains I had gone through such lengths to banish merely a [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: Beck Wrangles Over 160 Musicians for Maximalist Bowie Cover

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Since the release of 2008’s astoundingly mediocre Modern Guilt, Beck has all but stepped away from conventional rockstardom. He’s spent the past few years on idiosyncratic projects like the Record Club,  a collaboration with such luminaries as Annie Clark, Angus Andrews, Devendra Banhart, Thurston Moore, Jeff Tweedy, and, uh, Giovanni Ribisi. Beck assembled these Superfriends of [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils’ Most Anticipated Albums of 2013 (So Far)

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wolf27s_law By Simon Lazarus Vasta My Bloody Valentine, TBA (TBA) The music masses have been waiting for a follow-up to My Bloody Valentine’s last album, the modern-classic-that-has-been-around-so-long-now-it’s-just-a-classic Loveless, for twenty-one years now. Many, myself included, had given up the faith, stopped chasing that particular white whale, and resigned themselves to crate-digging for early MBV obscurities. But [&hellip
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Long Live David Bowie

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Long Live David Bowie By Veronica Hoglund This past Saturday evening, Ziggy Stardust enthusiasts from across the five boroughs—and perhaps even beyond—gathered at the Lower East Side’s (Le) Poisson Rouge to celebrate the singer’s 65th birthday at the Bowie Ball. The annual event drew an animated crowd of all ages dressed in their best Bowie [&hellip
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