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I Tried Online Dating and Lived to Tell the Tale

Written by Kat George on . Posted in Lifestyle, Sex & Relationships

kat3 I’ve always spoken out quite publicly (ranted on my Twitter) against online dating, and I’ve been poo-pooed by almost everyone for it, even, allegedly, my biggest fan (you know who you are).  People always come at me with the classic “don’t knock it until you try it” reasoning, at which point I snidely respond, “I don’t [&hellip
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Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

Written by admin on . Posted in On Topic OTDT

By Kristine Keller Despite universal notions and theories, at the end of the day, attraction remains idiosyncratic to the individual. Often, this works to a romantic’s benefit—you need only people watch in the Big Apple to validate the “there’s somebody for everyone” saying. When it comes to attraction, our body’s reaction is often the most [&hellip
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