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NYPD Patrolling Sikh Temples in the City in Wisconsin Shooting Aftermath

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The NYPD is patrolling New York City Sikh temples as a precaution in the aftermath of a shooting in a Milwaukee Sikh temple that left seven people dead. Gothamist reports there is “no known threat” against any temples in the City, but officers are being cautious nonetheless. The blog also reports the Milwaukee shooter, 40-year-old [&hellip
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Armond White: Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises Markets Mediocrity

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dark-knight-rises-mano-a-mano-300x168 A better movie than The Dark Knight Rises would invite discussion of its content, but interpretation (“What’s that?” say Avengers fans) isn’t even required of this third entry in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. A film of empty spectacle, its actual content (formulaic violence, humorless dialogue, unvarying solemnity) runs second to the blatant process of supplying [&hellip
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At Union Square, Fans Lined for Dark Knight Rises Midnight Showing

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dark-knight-rises6 By Paul Bisceglio It wasn’t the line New York deserved, but the one it had to wait in last night to see Batman. Movie nerds, comic book nerds and their reluctant significant others alike lined 13th Street at Union Square’s Regal Stadium 14 yesterday for the opening of The Dark Knight Rises, the highly anticipated [&hellip
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