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The Protagonist: Dead Celebrity Cookbook

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

tinsel-cover-large ‘Dead Celebrity’ chef and author Frank DeCaro says his series’s latest incarnation is about spreading the love for deceased entertainers through their favorite foods — with a holiday twist.   The Protagonist does not shy away from dark and morbid content, which is why my ears perked when I heard about comedic entertainer Frank DeCaro’s [&hellip
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Carla’s Hall of Fame

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Dining Our Town, Our Town

‘THE CHEW’ CO-HOST DISHES ON LED ZEPPELIN, TAKE-OUT MENUS AND HER SIGNATURE MAC AND CHEESE BUNDLES By Angela Barbuti If you turn on The Chew each weekday afternoon, you will see Carla Hall’s warm personality, which she can’t help but blend into all that she cooks. Therefore, it is not surprising that the name of [&hellip
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Fall Flavor Finale

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Dining Our Town, Dining West Side Spirit, Eat & Drink, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

THIS WEEKEND DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THE END OF THE LINE FOR THESE AUTUMN DELIGHTS Thanksgiving is the last hurrah for the multitude of flavors that come together to spell “autumn” in our little lizard brains. Herbs like sage and rosemary, Brussels sprouts and squash, apples and ginger—soon we’ll say goodbye to all that and [&hellip
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A Not-So-Typical Day for Rachael Ray

Written by NY Press on . Posted in News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

THE FOODIE TALKS ABOUT CELEBRITY CHEFS SETTING HER KITCHEN ON FIRE, HER APPLE-ONION THANKSGIVING STUFFING AND MICHAEL J. FOX By Angela Barbuti Rachael Ray is an inspiration to home cooks everywhere, but the fact that she lives downtown gives New Yorkers a definite advantage. Neighbors go so far as to ask her what she’s cooking [&hellip
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Ironing Things Out With the Iron Chef

Written by Marissa Maier on . Posted in Dining West Side Spirit, Eat & Drink, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

morimoto Morimoto speaks about angry chicken, tofu battles and his new Tribeca restaurant By Angela Barbuti Chef Masaharu Morimoto is most widely recognized for being an Iron Chef. So much so that people are known to start “screaming and giggling” when they see him around town. You don’t have to travel far to catch a glimpse [&hellip
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Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon Salad with Basil

Written by New York Family on . Posted in Eat & Drink, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

HeirloomWatermelonSalad By Liza Huber for New York Family Magazine Before the official end of summer, savor this colorful and delicious recipe. Add in a touch of basil, and you have a wonderful salad your whole family will love! Ingredients (serves 4) 1/2 lb. of baby heirloom tomatoes (about 2 containers); washed, with larger ones cut in [&hellip
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Three of Julia Child’s Most Elaborate Recipes in Celebration of One Refined Lady

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Lifestyle, NY Press Exclusive

Today would have been, famed American chef and author, Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Child was most famous, perhaps, for introducing French cuisine to the American culinary scene, but she was also an endearing television personality and former spy. In honor of her birthday, we have featured a couple of Child’s more “garnished” recipes, remembering a [&hellip
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Rachael Ray’s NYC Book Signing: Burgers, Buns and the Culinary Star’s Rabid Fans

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in Arts Our Town Downtown, Lifestyle, NY Press Exclusive, Our Town Downtown

Famously perky chef and TV personality Rachael Ray made an appearance at a Barnes & Noble in Union Square last night to speak and sign copies of her 20th cookbook, The Book of Burger, named for the musical Book of Mormon (coupled with a love of burgers), which reportedly “made [her] fall off [her] seat [&hellip
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Where’s the Beef? And Other Food Festival Questions

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Dining Our Town, Dining West Side Spirit, Eat & Drink, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, Special Sections, Summer Guide, West Side Spirit

Big Apple BBQ(mt) A survival guide to summer food fests   This past weekend, The Great GoogaMooga, the chefs-as-rock-stars food festival that had many bemoaning the end of civilization and the rise of the foodie monster, took place in Prospect Park with some 75 vendors and 40,000 attendees. The first day of the two-day event ended with chefs, [&hellip
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