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Public Financing for Private Schools

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Grace Church School Under-the-radar agency helps exclusive schools raise hundreds of millions of dollars– all while public schools scramble A little-known program within the city’s Economic Development Corp. has become the chief vehicle by which private schools in Manhattan refinance their capital projects, funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to some of the priciest schools in the city. [&hellip
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Noah Gotbaum Mulls Public Advocate Run

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Education, News West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

noah Noah Gotbaum has made a name for himself on the Upper West Side as a fierce advocate for public education, and now he’s considering taking that reputation for a city-wide test run in a campaign for public advocate. As a father of three children in local public schools and a member of District 3’s Community [&hellip
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School Lines That Leave Many Parents Behind

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Raise your hand if you’re planning to send your child to kindergarten in the next year or two,” someone said at the beginning. I wasn’t, so I didn’t. The message at my “first” meeting was clear. The city’s Department of Education was not thinking about where my toddler would go to school, even though I [&hellip
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The Past, Present and Future of School Rezoning

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The battle over Downtown’s schools By Lillian Rizzo Since October, parents have stood in school auditoriums, before panels and projectors, asking for the answer to a simple question: What school will their children attend in the fall? These parents from Lower Manhattan neighborhoods have attended meetings at which the District 2 Community Education Council (CEC) [&hellip
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DOE Presents More Palatable Rezoning Plan

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By Lillian Rizzo Following weeks of parents, community board and Community Education Council (CEC) District 2 members voicing their distress over the latest rezoning plan for Lower Manhattan, the Department of Education (DOE) presented a new plan on Monday, Nov. 28. “We are presenting one new proposal…and we will keep it simple,” said Elizabeth Rose [&hellip
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DOE Increases Spots at Soon to Be Opened Downtown School

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By Lillian Rizzo Lower Manhattan’s Peck Slip School has been given an additional number of seats for students, and it hasn’t even opened its doors yet. The news came yesterday as advocates such as the Community Education Council, Community Board 1 and Assemblyman Sheldon Silver pushed for a solution to overcrowded schools in the Downtown [&hellip
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School Rezoning Plan Leaves Room for Charter

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By Dan Rivoli P.S. 145, is according to the Department of Education and Principal Ivelisse Alvarez, a good school. The city gave P.S. 145, located on 150 W. 105th St. between Amsterdam and Columbus avenues, a B in this year’s progress report card. Though the school received poor marks for school environment and student performance, [&hellip
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Department of Education officials will attend a Community Education Council meeting to discuss overcrowding in a pocket of the Upper West Side. District 3, which runs from West 59th Street up to Harlem, has been overcrowded in its southern section as more young families have moved into the neighborhood and parents have chosen public school [&hellip
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The Upper West Side’s Community Education Council (CEC) got a new, high-profile member after the recent elections: Noah Gotbaum, the 45-year-old son of labor leader Victor Gotbaum and stepson of Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum. The younger Gotbaum was elected as one of the nine members of the council, with 14.6 percent of the votes. Two [&hellip
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