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Armond White: There’s Something About N’yuk

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The Farrelly Brothers Redeem The Three Stooges “You will always be children!” Steven Spielberg encouraged last year’s Comic-Con gathering when he previewed scenes from The Adventures of Tintin. Infantilization has become contemporary Hollywood’s standard method for making or selling its product but Hollywood rarely deals with that subject as explicitly as in the Farrelly brothers’ [&hellip
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Still Just a Kid: Stan Lee Partners with 1821 Comics to Create New Adventures

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By Sahar Vahidi Comic book giant Stan Lee’s Spider-man, the X-Men and the Hulk are just of his created fan favorites that have been around for generations. While riding high on his successful creations, Lee’s still at work and branched away from his mainstays with a new brand for 1821 Comics. During an exclusive interview, [&hellip
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