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Brainstorming in the City with Demetri Martin

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Celeb_Martin The comedian talks about the Strand, NYU Law, and growing up in the Greek church By Angela Barbuti “I want to have an apartment that’s near Carnegie Hall so when somebody asks how to get to my place, I can just say, ‘Practice, practice, practice then make a left,” said Demetri Martin when asked to [&hellip
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The Continuing Development of David Cross

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Photo by Peter Ash Lee Actor David Cross talks about the state of comedy, reprising the role of Tobias in ‘Arrested Development’ and his abiding love for NYC David Cross is a comedian known just as much for his off-color stand-up humor as he is for giving life to a television character who can never ever be nude and wears [&hellip
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The Travails of Online Dating Come Alive

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 OkCupid veterans flock to Housing Works Bookstore Cafe to swap horror stories Studies everywhere are examining the same panic-inducing question—will online dating, with its guaranteed ability to let you endlessly shop around and tailor your perfect mate, ruin relationships forever? Last week’s OkCupid Show (Stories of Love, Sex and the Internet) at the Housing Works [&hellip
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The Protagonist on “Twitterature”: Will Twitter Feeds Shape the Future of Storytelling?

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With less premeditation, impulse control and editing than a novel or essay, and more raw emotion, doesn’t a Twitter feed get pretty darn close to the accurate written aggregation of one’s lived experience? I have a favorite Twitter, and while I discovered it only recently, I’ve read it just about as far back as it [&hellip
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The David Rakoff Canon: Works You Should Know by the “This American Life” Master

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How does one do—notoriously pessimistic and humorously insightful essayist— David Rakoff’s work justice? How does one begin to fumble for the words to embody his literary range? Rakoff, who just passed away at the age of 47, wrote and spoke in a way that so remarkably reflected our uncertain collective reality—in his profundity, in his [&hellip
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Notes from the Neighborhood

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Wellness for Seniors The elder support organization DOROT offers inexpensive wellness classes for seniors on the Upper West Side. This May and June, they will be holding regular sessions as well as one-time workshops to promote mental and physical health. On Tuesdays from 10–11 a.m., a licensed social worker facilitates a group chat to discuss [&hellip
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Due Date

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By Armond White For many people, the term Due Date means expiration for library books. For Todd Phillips and Robert Downey, it means car crashes, scatology and homo-nuttiness. The plot, in which Downey plays tetchy California architect Peter Highman, awaiting the fulfillment of his wife’s pregnancy, barely uses the term’s adult natal significance; it’s strictly [&hellip
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Summer Guide 2009: Comedy

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This is New York Strapped for cash but still want to see comedy on a Saturday night? Get some nachos and a can of Tecate as Derrick Comedy Presents a free stand-up and variety show every Saturday at Long Island City’s new comedy club. May through June, The Creek, 10-93 Jackson Ave. (at 11th St.), [&hellip
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