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Romney’s Mistaken Clinton Calculation

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CW website pic By Clyde Williams When I started this piece I found myself writing the same story everyone else has about the emergence of President Clinton as the star of the 2012 election cycle. His incredible Democratic convention speech made the arguments on behalf of President Obama better than the candidate himself – leaving pundits speechless and [&hellip
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How Romney-Ryan Plans Would Hurt NY Seniors

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CW website pic By Clyde Williams We have now had two presidential debates, and the issue of healthcare has been front and center. In New York, nearly 40 percent of the entire state budget is spent on healthcare—and it’s rising every year. It’s clear that our economy won’t be competitive unless we figure out how to improve the [&hellip
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Clyde Williams Cites Momentum As He Casts His Vote in Primary

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Williams with his family. Photo by Jon Lentz. Clyde Williams, a candidate for the new 13th Congressional District who has been overshadowed by incumbent Rep. Charlie Rangel and another challenger, State Sen. Adriano Espaillat, cast his vote in the Democratic primary this morning in Harlem. After voting, Williams said he was confident he could come from behind and win today’s primary, pointing to [&hellip
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Where to Vote on Primary Day, Tuesday, June 26

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A quick listing of polling locations for the 7th and 13th districts Remember that old P. Diddy-led slogan, “Vote or Die”, the adage meant to influence the public and non-voters to voice their opinions and vote, or suffer a premature demise? Well, when Nydia Velazquez (7th district) and Charles Rangel (13thdistrict) combat their opponents in [&hellip
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Endorsement: Clyde Williams for Congress

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FW-Clyde Williams(as) Rep. Charles Rangel was once one of the most powerful men in Congress. He has a distinguished war record and a record of accomplishment over his 42 years in Congress. But two years ago, he admitted to serious “mistakes” and decided to give up his source of power, the position of chairman of the House [&hellip
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Rangel Faces Tough Challenge in June 26 Congressional Primary

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FW-Charles Rangel(as) The lines have shifted and the race is fierce. As the date of the Democratic primary—June 26—approaches, four candidates for the 13th congressional district are competing for the party’s nomination against long-time incumbent Charles Rangel. The newly drawn boundaries of the district have been a source of much debate, with Rangel insisting that he is [&hellip
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Clyde Williams Secures New York Times Endorsement

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Clyde Williams, one of a handful of Democratic candidates running in the Congressional district spanning northern Manhattan and the South Bronx, has been largely overlooked in the press with much of the attention going to longtime incumbent Rep. Charlie Rangel and to another challenger, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat. But this weekend Williams, who used to [&hellip
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Campaign Roundup: Bill Thompson courts the Orthodox Jewish vote

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2013 Mayoral Race Bill Thompson is courting the Orthodox Jewish vote. Queens Joe Addabbo and Shirley Huntley aren’t getting campaign cash for supporting same-sex marriage. Manhattan Former Clinton and Obama aides are backing Clyde Williams over Charlie Rangel. Rangel’s fellow House Democrats are not helping him out much either. Clyde Williams told Errol Louis why [&hellip
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Heard Around Town, April 16, 2012

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* Assemblyman Rory Lancman is set to be endorsed by the Communications Workers of America at an event today where the NY-09 congressional candidate will also call for the adoption of the so-called “Buffet Rule,” the tax code change being promoted by the Obama administration. The CWA’s endorsement shouldn’t be too surprising. Lancman has already [&hellip
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