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Atget’s Documents

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Eugene Atget Photographed Reality and Surreality by Marsha McCreadie The title tells it all: “Documents pour artistes” is the name of the show, but was also the name of Eugene Atget’s shop in Paris. The French photographer (1857 to 1927) insisted his photographs—all 8,500 of them—were merely documents for sale to craftspeople, and then, as [&hellip
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Not-So Brilliant Disguise: Bruce Springsteen’s ballyhooed new album Wrecking Ball is considered by Editor Armond White and critic Ben Kessler

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Springsteen’s New Album Wrecks Faith “Why does he sing like that, he’s from New Jersey!” a friend cracked when Bruce Springsteen‘s Nebraska debuted in 1982. Nebraska’s affected Oakie drawl–fashioning a down-home, pessimistic response to President Reagan’s “Morning in America”–has since become Springsteen’s formal vocal register. His method-acted empathy with our mythic depressed underclass marked the [&hellip
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